Embroidery is a professional looking and classic way to make promotional wear and accessories stand out, yet still look simple and clean.

Embroidery requires your logo to be digitized into a format for stitching onto the blank good(s) you chose, ie. hats, jackets, shirts etc. We will do this for you and will also provide digital proofs of what it is going to look like once you have chosen the items and supplied us with your logo or design. Don’t have a design? Our design department can help


Embroidery is a great choice for things like hats, toques, jackets, duffels or dickies work shirts. Min’s are reasonable, starting with 24 pcs., and can be mixed and matched as long as the logo stays the same. Embroidery also allows for colour thread changes to give you variety in your order.

Logos for embroidery can be multiple colours and stitching results in a product that is durable and professional looking. We often do orders for customers with hats that are embroidered and t-shirts that are screenprinted, offering the best of both techniques.


1. Chose your blank goods
from our many choices of blank goods for embroidery. It typically looks best on jackets, hats or duffel bags, or other products where a screenprint doesn’t always work as well.

2. Submit your logo for a quote + digitizing
once we see your logo we need to convert it into a file that the embroidery machines can read for stitching. This is called digitizing and requires a one-time setup fee.

3. Digital proof for approval
we create this free of charge so you can see what your final design will look like on the product. Then you can tell us if you want it sized or moved on the product before we proceed.



$75-$100 depending on logo complexity

Fee per item
$6-$15 depending on size and density