Screen Printing

Screen printing is where we can turn your idea into a reality. Whether it’s promoting your company or creating a brand that will be recognizable, screen printing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to reach a large audience.

Generally, you will pick your blank good(s) and then email us with your logo or graphic and we will quote you the cost per item. You can also visit our shop and order directly with us.

We service both your small and large print needs.

Contact us now for competitive city pricing with small town service!


Screen printing is an age old process of using mesh that is pulled tightly over metal frames to print ink onto a surface. For every design a stencil or screen is created and used to apply this ink to the surface of the product. Each colour is applied using a separate screen to create the final look of the logo or design. Sometimes up to 12 colours are used! This is all done by hand, and requires years of experience to learn the ins and outs of this technical process. Every item responds a little differently to the ink in it’s own way or cures at a different temperature, making each job we do unique.

Our printers have pulled and printed thousands of prints to bring you the best quality that only experience can produce.


Once you have checked out our blank goods and chosen what items you want us to print we need to take a look at your logo and see if it is ready to print. Logos should be in vector format with fonts outlined and typically with file endings of .ai, .eps, .pdf. If your logo or design is not in this format, don’t worry as we can help convert it.

After we see your logo and know your blank good choices, we will give you a quote on the job and then move onto the digital proofs. We supply these free of charge for you to approve and be able to visualize how your order will look. It also allows you to tell us if you want things smaller, larger, or in a different location.


This is for brokers, marketing firms, or screen printing companies who purchase their own blank goods in bulk and then send those goods to us to decorate.

This is something we do every day for various companies in British Columbia, please read the term and conditions page. If you have any questions feel free to call or email for current pricing.